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Miracle cereal rice diet to cure cancer cells: Cancer alternative treatment using low cost rice in diet

June 5, 2009

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Written by Shirley Bongbong MBA PhD Research Dissertation Abstracts Writing Help

Will eating rice helps fight against cancer? Is this a better cancer alternative treatment to cure cancer cells?

Rice has anti cancer and antidiarrheal properties that you may use alternative  medicine for cancer. Not many people are aware that this staple food among the Philippines inhabitants contains anticancer protease inhibitors that could kill cancer cells. As we all know, cancer is caused by cell abnormalities brought by environmental toxins in tobacco smoke, pollutants, chemicals, and radiation. These cells grow, divide, and invade good cells in the neighboring tissue. Cancer fighting foods such as fruits and vegetables may contain anticancer properties that could inhibit the spread of cancer and potentially cure cancer cells.

Foods that prevent cancer and kill cancer cells – alternative medicine for cancer

Antioxidants are best in cancer prevention diet treatment. Oxidation literally damages tissues. Antioxidants prevent and ward off the presence of environmental free radicals that are often the cause of oxidation. These antioxidants often contain beta carotene that is usually converted to Vitamin A, E, and C. They are normally associated with cancer prevention diet.

Cancer prevention diet

Rice cancer inhibiting properties come from its being a member of the family of whole grains. Whole grains are high in bran and fiber that inhibits and protects you from nearly all kinds of cancer.


The Louisiana State University Medical Center researcher Pelayo Correa found that there is a relationship between low cancer death rates of the colon, prostate, and breast to the per capita consumption of rice, beans, or sweet corn. There are at least 32 studies done across the globe that associated lower rates of colon cancer with high fiber grains and grain product consumption. Laboratory studies also demonstrated that cereal grains produce cancer-protective effect.

• The outer brown coating of brown rice has been proven to reduce incidence of cancer in the large intestine during animal experiments.

• A Japanese scientist experimented isolating several cancer inhibiting properties found in rice brans. The study reported that these cancer inhibiting properties successfully suppressed the growth of solid tumors in mice.

• Dr. Walter Troll of the New YorkUniversityenvironmental medicine found that people eating foods high in protease inhibitors could inhibit the development of cancer even in later stages.

The National Academy of Sciences reported that brown rice, oats, corn, wheat, barley, and other whole grains have protease inhibitors compounds. They have been perceived to successfully suppress the action of proteases or enzymes that promote cancer. Protease inhibitors interfere with the ocogenes, which has been known to turn good cells into cancerous cells.

Short grain brown rice is highly recommended for daily consumption. The best way to cook this rice is pressure cooking or through rice cookers. Is eating rice an effective approach for cancer alternative treatment? We need to have more literature about this potential cure for cancer.


Weekly World News October 1989

If you like the information contained in this article, you may want to donate here for the research efforts
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