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Cure cancer cells using mushroom for cancer alternative treatment, prevention, and HIV treatment

October 1, 2011

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Written by Shirley Bongbong MBA PhD Research Dissertation Abstracts Writing Help

The low calorie, lots of fiber, and no fat mushrooms contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that could help you in your goals for cancer prevention. Researchers found the properties of mushroom interesting in terms of cancer prevention and treatment. This could be a great step to potentially cure cancer cells using mushroom as cancer alternative treatment.

Properties of mushroom

Mushrooms have been found by researchers to contain vitamins and minerals such as potassium, copper, and selenium. It also demonstrated high amounts of amino acid glutamate and sufficient amounts of antioxidant ergothioneine. The properties of mushroom seem to be the right types of chemical compounds that you need to potentially kill cancer cells by using them as alternative medicine for cancer.

The maitake mushroom possesses antitumor, anti-HIV, antihypertension, antidiabetes, antiobesity, and antihepatitis properties. The Maitake D-fraction has been considered as one of the most potent for immune system functioning enhancement as well as promoting the highest degree of cancer inhibition in oral administration. In Japan independent university laboratory studies, the maitake D-fraction has been shown to complement conventional chemotherapeutic agents as well as aids in the amelioration of any side effects of chemotherapy. This anti aging care news is really remarkable  for people who are looking for tasty cancer alternative treatment to cure cancer cells.

Cancer prevention and cure for cancer alternative treatment

Most efforts of the researchers are focused on the ability of the mushroom to cure cancer and to prevent cancer. The Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope in Duarte, California has been making laboratory tests on the white button mushrooms and its ability to prevent cancer. It was found that about 58% of the mice demonstrated reduction of both tumor weight and tumor cell proliferation. There has been a significant reduction of breast cancer growth.

Shiuan Chen, a lead researcher, stated in a 2008 article in the Mushroom News that the easiest cost effective intervention for cancer is eating mushrooms, which is a whole food option for individuals seeking reduction of cancer risks. Making mushrooms your primary cancer alternative treatment to kill cancer cells is the best and most healthy decision that you can make in your life. If you give it a little review, the properties of the mushrooms are ideal for patients who are looking for a cure for cancer alternative treatment.

Dr. Shannon of the American Association of Cancer Research examined a group of 137 men suffering from prostate cancer and another group of 238 men with normal PSA levels. He found out that men including mushrooms in their diet as well as demonstrating highest consumption of folate rich foods were 52% less likely to develop prostate cancer. He came up with the theory that folate rich foods are great for prostate cancer prevention.

Researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine revealed that ancient mushrooms increased the effects of chemotherapy in killing prostate cancer cells. This is good news for people looking for alternative treatment.

Researchers at the National University of Singapore have been reported in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine that the results of their studies about the lentinan or shiitake mushrooms have been shown to retard the development of colon cancer or tumors in mice laboratory tests.

Research at the New YorkMedicalCollegediscovered that maitake mushrooms reduced the growth of gall bladder cancer cells more than 90% in over a 72 hour period.

In Japan, independent laboratory researchers in universities found that maitake D-fraction is very effective in enhancing the immune system. During the study, it was found that a small dose of maitake extract could trigger an estimated 80% tumor shrinkage in mice. MMC only made about 30% tumor shrinkage using the same dose test. Tumor shrinkage was noted to be at maximum of 98%. Taking this report seriously, we can say that it has the potential to kill cancer cells and help people who are trying to enhance immune system using alternative treatments.

One study reported that reishi mushrooms inhibited the growth if sarcoma 180 at the inhibition rate of 95.6 to 98.6%. The mice laboratory test dosage was 20 mg/kg for 10 days. Another study reported that reishi polysaccharides inhibited growth of JTC-26 tumor cells, which is a human cancer cell strain.

Traditional medicine for cancer prevention

Mushrooms used in traditional Chinese medicine as cancer prevention and therapy was generally processed into powder or liquid. This helps achieve the required potency of the herbs. It would take at least 15 pounds of the reishi mushroom to produce 1 pound of powdered concentrate. Mushrooms significantly stimulate the body’s immune system natural healing properties, which are very important in treating cancer and HIV.

The Reishi mushroom significantly relieves stress and has been proven beneficial to the regulation and restoration of homeostasis. Reishi enhances the immune functioning by increasing white blood cell count, platelet, hemoglobin, and other tumor fighting cells. Reishi has been found to improve the energy and sleep of an individual. This is attributed to the stimulating effects of reishi to the bone marrow. Reishi protects the body during radiation and chemotherapy. Reishi improves the symptoms of weakness, dizziness, and sleeplessness.

If you like the information contained in this article, you may want to donate here for the research efforts
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