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Kill cancer cells using carrot juice as cancer alternative treatment

April 15, 2011

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Written by Shirley Bongbong MBA PhD Research Dissertation Abstracts Writing Help

Carrot juice as cancer alternative treatment to cure cancer cells

Carrot juice has lately become the most popular drink and cure for cancer. Almost all health stores and juice bars in local stores and across the world has been serving carrot juice and its delicious blend with other fruits to promote health. Besides its becoming a health drink commodity, the carrot has been scientifically evaluated to contain cancer fighting nutrients such as the beta carotene and the Vitamin A.

Carrot juice is a sweet approach to cure cancer cells

The carrot has been known as the sweetest and maybe the prettiest vegetable that you can drink as an alternative medicine for cancer until you are contented and full. There is no limit with this health drink although you can take a maximum average of 10 ounces per serving. You must remember that carrot in another way is too sweet that it could possibly cause a toothache or low blood pressure. Be moderate in drinking carrot juice because your body is naturally susceptible to blood sugar addictions. The best way is to mix carrots with other green vegetables or just dilute with water to moderate the sweetness. This is the most nutritious way to find a cancer alternative treatment.

Sweet juices results to lower blood pressure

Some people taking carrots as health drink may be experiencing low blood pressure symptoms from lack of knowledge about the sweetness of carrots. Mixing carrot juice with other vegetables will also vary your nutritional intake, such as beet, watermelon rind, apple, and other fruits. Variations may depend on your personal preference but it would be best to learn the best variation that could give you the highest nutritional value. Never overdo sweet juices. The outcome would be lower blood sugar levels and increase cravings that may be detrimental to your health.

Carrots as energy drink and alternative medicine for cancer

Carrots as a cure for cancer are considered as very stimulating energy drinks that provide many specific physiological benefits. The versatility of the carrot makes it a good base for other types of fruits and vegetable juice combinations. It has a normalizing effect on the body useful for treating many types of disorders. Its high levels of beta carotene make it useful in treating cancer and protect you from macular degeneration.

Other benefits derived from carrot juice

Carrot juice is an excellent way to treat diarrhea even in infants, promote strong bones, prevent intestinal infections, build strong teeth, increase energy, protect the nervous system, and enrich mother’s nursing milk. Carrot can also cure eczema and psoriasis.

Here is the list of some nutrients you get from a cup of carrot juice as alternative medicine for cancer, weight is 246g or 8.68 ounces:

Calories 98

Protein 2.32g

Carbohydrate 22.8

Dietary fiber 3.34g

Fat total 0.36g

Fat saturated 0.06

Fat mono 0.018

Fat poly 0.174g

Cholesterol 0mg

Vitamin A- Carotene 6318iu

Vitamin A- Preformed 0iu

Thiamin B1 0.226 mg

Riboflavin B2 0.134mg

Niacin B3 0.946mg

Pyridoxine B6 0.532mg

Cobalamin B12 0mcg

Folacin 9.40mcg

Pantothenic 0.560mg

Vitamin C 21mg

Calcium 58mg

Iron 1.13mg

Magnesium 34.6mg

Phosphorus 102mg

Potassium 716mg

Selenium 1.8mcg

Sodium 72mg

Zinc 0.442mg



Here are some carrot juice combinations that would make a 12 oz drink


Combination 1

5 carrots

2 beets

2 green peppers

2 cucumbers

1 parsley


Combination 2

7 carrots

2 parsleys

2 cucumbers

1 radish


Combination 3

7 carrots

3 spinach

1 carrot top

1 aloe vera


Combination 4

8 carrots

1 beet

1 broccoli sprouts

2 celeries


Combination 5

5 carrots

2 apples

2 ½ alfalfa sprouts

2 watermelon rinds

½ ginger


Combination 6

5 carrots

2 celeries

1 beet

2 spinach

1 cabbage

1 green pepper


Combination 7

8 carrots

3 celeries

½ cilantro

½ garlic


Combination 8

6 carrots

2 spinach

2 kales

2 red peppers


Combination 9

6 carrots

2 tomatoes

2 celeries

2 spinach


Combination 10

7 carrots

2 spinach

1 beet

2 cabbage


Combination 11

6 carrots

2 parsley

2 spinach

2 kale


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If you like the information contained in this article, you may want to donate here for the research efforts
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